Friday, June 20, 2014

Week 3 at Nerja (Values)

The values here, like the education system, are very similar to the values Americans also hold dear. Of course, the differences that exist are more drastic than those found in the education system. Alcohol here is treated very differently compared to the US. Over in the states, alcohol is seen as more of a party drink, used to lower inhibitions and allow for more unruly behavior. In Spain, it is used more as a casual social drink. Here, Spaniards will meet for tapas around 10 and jump from tapas bar to tapas bar. Then, and only then they will go to the clubs; but only if they feel like it. In the US, the only option is to go the club or go to a bar and drink with friends.

Family is also taken very dear here, I know that family is also extremely big in America but it seems that in Spain, the Government actually forces family time into people's schedules with the use of Siestas. This is a time when everything from shops to schools will shut down so that workers and students may travel back home in order to have lunch with their families. Because of this fact, lunch is also the largest meal of the day. America doesn't have this time although the families that care will find time. I think this is the largest difference between the values of Americans and Spaniards.

Punctuality is another noticeable difference I noticed her in Spain. Over in the States, everything is punctual and moving. People in America are all about productivity and moving onto the next event in their life. Whether it be grabbing a cup of McCafe coffee on their way to work through the drive through or receiving the bill five minutes within asking for it. In Spain, the locals like to take their time and are not at all worried about any lateness they might cause because of it. “To go” is a foreign word in coffee shops, the waiters will gladly serve ten customers before tending to the check you ask for twenty minutes ago. Time is not as greatly valued here as it is in America, Spaniards are more than happy to take their time and not be in any rush at all.

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