Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Week 4 (Tim Howard v. Iker Casillas)

The US will always be on top because 'merica. But Spain does have some things going for it which I wish was more prominent in the land of freedom and peanut butter. For one, I enjoy that most people choose to travel by bike. Although this kind of emphasis could be found in a lot of major traffic cities such as New York, it is not something that is prominent everywhere. The way Spain and especially Granada is set up kind of accommodates this form of travel much better because everything is so close while America has things a little more spread out. I also liked the amount of pride that Spain takes in their soccer teams. (I'm back in the US... It's soccer now) When we arrived in Toledo and the school of children booed Rob's choice of team jersey. That is something that would never happen in the US. As we were walking, people were generally perturbed, staring and grimacing. People have alliances with certain sports teams in the US but it was nothing like it is across the pond. The things that I missed while I was in Spain? I can't honestly think of anything that I missed for sure because everything that I did here in America I was largely able to do in Spain unless I forgot to bring it with me and was to cheap to buy it over there. Spain had ice cream, I brought my laptop so I was able to divert my attention with streaming movies, watching youtube and playing video games. I even coded the odd program here and there. There was a gym that I was able to go to, the restaurants were all good and the plazas were all beautiful. The only thing that saddened me was the fact that peanut butter does not exist over there and most people don't even know what it tastes like. Nutella on the other hand is largely popular there which partly makes up for that though.

The element from Spain that I would like to most bring back with me though is the gratuitous amount of plazas scattered throughout the city. You can't go a couple of blocks without walking through one and it is such a cool place to go and see. Kind of like a watering hole where people like to gather. I think it would be cool if the US embraced that a little more. I think it might encourage more people to spend more time outside if more places like that existed here.

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